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We take pride in delivering only the freshest Medjool Dates gathered from local farms, then steamed and pressed into sweetness perfection.
Choose the right sweetener, choose NUNATURE Date Syrup.

what makes it so good

Our Natural Date Syrup Has It All

No Artificial ingredients

Only 100% Medjool Dates. Nothing Added

NO food coloring

All Natural Ingredients

no preservatives

Or Additives


Plant based Super Food

Gluten Free

Naturally Gluten Free ingredients

paleo friendly

As a Healthy Alternative to Sugar

Hey good looking, What's cooking?

Pecan Pie with a Twist

The classic American pie takes on some new flavors, with aromatic Date Syrup replacing the traditional corn syrup

Salmon Teriyaki Dinner

Salmon teriyaki dinner is an elegant way to feed your loved ones. The Date Syrup adds depth and complexity to the teriyaki sauce

General Tso’s Cauliflower

General Tso is a common Chinese-American dish. Here we used cauliflower- baking the florets with a crispy coating, then Stir frying them in sweet & sour soy sauce

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